10 Songs You Need To Download This Instant

i’d like to make this a weekly feature i think, consider this my maiden voyage:

1. The Delays – Long Time Coming

Is this the Cocteau Twins you ask yourself? no wait, that’s a dude singing… This record is easily one of my favorites so far in 2004, and this is just one of many reasons.

2. The Delays – You Wear The Sun

I said it was one of my favorites this year didn’t i? While this album reminds me of The La’s a lot, this song doesn’t have as much La’s influence as a few others, but the jangly brit pop vibe is still very much present here. One of my fave songs i’ve heard this year.

3. Pedro The Lion – A Simple Plan

Say what you will about David Bazan, but the guy can write a damn good melody. Normally PTL’s music isn’t something that i’d probably really like, but something about it really sticks with me, i’m not sure exactly why, but it started mostly with his last record, Control, which is pretty much perfect all around imo. This new record isn’t quite that awesome, but it’s still got some very solid tunes no less. Overall the record isn’t one of my top albums, but it’s def i’d say top 15-25 or so.

4. Pedro The Lion – Start Without Me

Along w/ You Wear The Sun above, another of my favorite tunes so far this year. David’s weary voice, combined with his haunting lyrics usually = a great formula for success as far as my ears are concerned. My favorite part of this song is the little breakdown “If it’s once i’ve got it, if it’s twice i don’t”, etc. as it rolls into the harder “It’s not, like it wasn’t all for you, but like everything i do, it’s misunderstood”.

5. David Byrne – The Man Who Loves Beer

While David’s work in The Talking Heads was almost always stellar, his solo efforts have not been met with as much enthusiasm on my part, but his newest release, Growing Backwards, has definitely intrigued me quite a bit, and this song is one of the reasons. This song would be amazing as the opening to a film imo.

6. The Killers – Under The Gun

So while i dig this band’s debut record Hot Fuss some, it dissapoints me that the best song that i’ve heard from them so far, was destined to live forever in b-side land. They should have taken the stinker track, Indie Rock N Roll, off and put this in its place. Though i’ve heard it’s not on the US release at least.

7. The Hold Steady – Knuckles

While Lifter Puller never quite got the attention they deserved (imo), i’m hoping that Craig Finn’s latest project is met with a bit more enthusiasm this time around. I’ve heard a lot of people are not big on Craig’s voice, and i can understand that, it’s definitely different, but imo it’s totally unmistakeable and original. “I’ve been trying to get people to call me Sunny D, cuz i got the good stuff that kid’s go for, and people keep calling me 5 Alive.”

8. Mclusky – She Will Only Bring You Happiness

Yeah this new record isn’t nearly as good as Do Dallas, so fucking what, it still stomps ass imo. And this song is just one of the reasons why i appreciate the more melodic stuff on this one that wasn’t as present on Do Dallas. “Not to self, be erect by half past ten”, words of wisdom from the Welsh.

9. The Fiery Furnaces – Straight Street

If the Flaming Lips, Spoon, and The Eels got into a bus accident, it’d sound a little something like this i’m thinking (ok not this song exactly, but as a whole, check out the track Bird Brain for more of what i’m talking about)

10. Matt Pond PA – Lily Two

I actually wanted to included a song or three from this album too, but i’ll save it for future editions (actually maybe i should enact a 1 song per band rule next time, noted). This album, along w/ the Delays, have totally been my 2 “sleeper” albums this year. Just totally came out of nowhere, but at least i was familiar w/ Matt Pond PA a little bit before this record (their last one was pretty damn good too). As i stated above talking about Pedro, not exactly something i’d expect myself to enjoy, but sometimes those are the most fun records/bands/songs, the ones you least expect to kick your ass.

alright, it’s 3am, and even though i dont’ work until 10, i still should get some shut eye, until next time!