Son Volt reforming



September 22, 2004


Midwest-based Son Volt, with songwriter Jay Farrar at the helm, will begin recording their fourth full length album at the end of September. Following a five-year hiatus, with the exception of the April 2004 recording of “Sometimes” for the Alejandro Escovedo tribute album, multi-instrumentalist Dave Boquist, bassist Jim Boquist and drummer Mike Heidorn will reconvene at Farrar’s St. Louis studio. Speaking about the “Sometimes” session, Farrar says: “It felt like we hit the ground running when we recorded Al’s song for Por Vida. Five years seemed like five days at that point. It proved that more recording and performing as Son Volt is something that should happen.”

As this revered band reconnects, a unique glimpse inside the Son Volt sessions will be offered. Beginning October 1, a webcamera will be placed in the studio to capture a day of pre-production and 16 days of recording. The webcamera can be accessed at [url] [/url]and will feature streaming photos that refresh every 5 seconds.

Farrar formed Son Volt in 1994 after the dissolution of Uncle Tupelo. With the release of Trace, Straightaways and Wide Swing Tremolo, the band was met with praise by the public and critics alike. From the plain-spoken chorus of “Windfall” to the gritty guitars of “Straightface”, Son Volt has always pushed the boundaries to blend traditional American music forms with poetic imagery and straight-ahead rock.

Son Volt is not currently affiliated with a label and plans to return to the road in early 2005.


playin’ at the talent show.

Update: per the rumored date of Oct 21st, this appears to actually be the date of the show, not the 23rd as reported by the Star Trib

there was a bit of buzz about this a few weeks back, but the only one mentioned was Westy, along with “some old friends”

from today’s Star Trib:

Twin Cities rockers plan health benefit

A who’s-who from Minneapolis’ legendary indie-rock scene of the 1980s has been lined up for an Oct. 23 concert at the Quest to benefit Soul Asylum bassist Karl Mueller, who recently battled throat cancer.

Paul Westerberg (ex-Replacements), Bob Mould (Hüsker Dü), the Gear Daddies, Soul Asylum and some incarnation of the all-star group Golden Smog will perform. Tickets are $30 and go on sale Wednesday through Ticketmaster.

Soul Asylum played an unannounced set Tuesday at Gluek’s in Minneapolis during a benefit for a disabled-children’s charity.




I honestly was very weary of Brian putting this out now, and a re-recorded version at that, but so far, this thing is fucking magical. If this counts as a “new album”, it will definitely be in my top 5, w/o a doubt, and that’s only 1/2 way through listening to it.

I just hope this gets the new press it deserves. Sure music geeks everywhere will drool over it, but it deserves to sell like 3 million copies, it’s that good.