Joe January @ 400 Bar

Sep 30, 2008 at 9:00 PM CDT (8:00 PM DOORS) Builders and Butchers / International Espionage! / Travis and Jonny / Joe January at 400 Bar – Minneapolis, MN $8.00

18 plus.

High Places @ Triple Rock

Above The Fold has a detailed interview & coverage of when High Places stopped by The Triple Rock..

ATF: For people that haven’t had the luxury of seeing you live, describe what a typical High Places show entails?
Rob: I think the thing is different for people, and I wish you could get across on the record is we like it to be pretty loud. Its definitely not delicate sounding live and I wish the record doesn’t sound delicate. I feel like its pretty beat driven. That’s the thing that tends to surprise people.
Mary: We want to sound a little more dub. We have two keyboard stands with a bunch of electronics on them. We have percussion and drum pads and I do a bunch of stuff with my vocals like reverb, delay, and looping. We try to get that stuff down as much as we can to kind of free ourselves up. Someone just compared us with Stomp, which we joke about a lot.
Rob: Who?
Mary: I can’t remember. I think if we tried to recreate all our sounds live we would like Stomp. We’d be like blowing into bottles and stuff.

Murphy's Law @ Parkway Theater



Q&A afterwards with Director, Todd Pitman

Drinking With Ian @ First Avenue

Again, it’s this Sunday at 8pm SHARP! We have some really fun stuff planned and I’d love to see you there. What stuff? Screw it. I can trust you..

Local Comedienne and survivor of NBC’s “Last Coming Standing”..

Musical superhero..

(doing an interview and a performance, even!)

Local experimental music duo come back to explain (and teach!) circuit bending..

Badaaaases you should know..

Fellow fans of “Mad Dog” Vishon and the mighty rock & roll..

Nobot & Estate @ Uptown Bar

Win Tickets to Autumn Brew Review 2008 (SOLD OUT)

Email me, Paul [at]

More info..
Poison Control Center

Poison Control Center

5:00p – 5:45

The Poison Control Center have been hanging from chandeliers and doing somersaults around the country for the last six years. Releasing numerous Ep’s and Singles, garnering national press for their explosive live shows, been featured on NPR, played the CMJ festival twice, opened for their idols, headlined festivals, and even had Max Weinberg sit in on drums for a show.

Now, they have joined the Afternoon Records records and this is what they came up with: The Poison Control Center’s debut full length album, “A Collage of Impressions.” The 16-track album was put to analog tape on the banks of the Mississippi River with Patrick Stolley (Daytrotter) in the recording booth and mastered by Doug Van Sloun (Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley, Cursive).

The High Crimes

The High Crimes

3:45p – 4:30p

The High Crimes, based in Minneapolis, play a powerful brand of rock n roll deeply rooted in blues and classic rock. The current line-up was solidified in December of last year, and they have been gigging heavily since March. In October of 2008 the band is releasing its full length debut along with an E.P. of live tracks.

Lucy Michelle Pic

Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles

2:30p – 3:15p

Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles is a 6 piece folk band out of the Twin Cities. They have been together as a group for less than a year and have recently recorded and released an all analogue debut album. They enjoy long candle lit walks on the beach, holding bearskin rugs, and your company. Their instrumentation is as follows: Ms. Lucy Michelle on vocals, ukele, keys, and extreme whistle. Geoff Freeman is her roomate and bud, keeping time on drums. Jesse Schuster is the man on bass, though can also keep a mean beat and has a lovely voice. Eamonn Mclain is a fierce cellist and also knows his way around a trombone. Ashley Boman plays the vertical piano, also known as the accordion, can sing when she isn’t blushing too badly, and has been known to dabble on other strange instruments… like the slide whistle and mason jar. Last but not least, Chris Graham is a maniac on the guitar.

Autumn Brew Review

Saturday, September 27, 2008

1 – 6 p.m.

Warehouse lot of the historic Grain Belt Brewery complex – NE Minneapolis

Approx. 2,500 craft beer lovers

Tickets $25 in advance SOLD OUT!!!

Early Access tickets $35 SOLD OUT!!!

21+ event – ID’s will be checked at the door