SALE SALE SALE @ Eclipse Records

“Eclipse is having a mega post had to hang out with the family/thanksgiving sale for everyone who would like to save money in this economy. Face it man, times are tough! So, we are having a sale Friday the 28th and Saturday the 29th.

20% yes 20% off on all used stuff
10% oh no way man, yeah man! 10% off on all New stuff.

Plus, all the way through X-Mas Eve, if you are a commitment-a-phobe or you need to get someone to buy music, or you gotta get something for someone who is hard to buy for, we are having an F++ing cool sale on gift Certificates.

20% off if you are looking to score major points with someone and you buy a $100 or $100+ gift Cert.

15% off if you can do $50 up to $99

And %10 off if you are like me and can’t really do much more, on $20 up to $49.

Come to Eclipse before you go to the Tryptofun Dance Party. Caroline Smith is playing Friday. Do it all MFers, live a little! Plus, we are your leader in the, “Gotta go and support a small business for Obama Mom/Dad” catagory, so you can get outta the house store.” – Eclipse Records

Dark Dark Dark @ Fine Line

“The Variety Show” Fashion Show

Description: Doors 8pm
Show 9pm
Cover $12

Melanie from Seamstrix presents: The Variety Fashion Show

Downtown Journal Article About Melanie

Showcasing designs by:
Le Fleurs Du Mal
Max Lohrback
Ivan Idland
Brittany Hughes
Dominique Thompson
Jay Nelson
Anita Jensen
Laura Mlynarek
Margaret Mosley

Annie Frank
Anika Kaplan
Justine Naylon
Matt Meyer
Devin Johnson

Performances by:
All the Pretty Horses
Dark Dark Dark
River Bottom Suckerfish
International Espionage

Venus, Heavenly Soles, Halloween Adventure, Design Collective, Nicollet Village, Annie Frank, Moxie, Chiche, Hair Police, Denny Kemp Salon, Nick and Eddie’s

Date: Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tour: Knife World & Skoal Kodiak

12-2 Milwaukee @the vault
12-3 Cleveland @
12-4 columbus@carabar
12-5 Philadelphia @big rad conceptual mountain
12-6 Richmond@ Church of Crystal Light
12-7 Baltimore@ Reggie’s
12-8 off
12-9 Brooklyn @Death By Audio
12-10 Providence@min pins 4-eva
12-11 Buffalo@soundlab
12-12 Pittsburgh
12-13 Chicago@electric company or a space in logan square

cleveland and pittsburgh are booked – venue tba