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Just added to our More Cowbell series on Wednesday @ The Turf Club is The Unit Breed from Portland, Oregon. They recently played the Glensheen Mansion show in Duluth, MN with Moonstone, Haunted House, Brothers Band & Obchod Na Korze..

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Gospel Gossip release new single 'Sippy Cup' and West Coast Tour

Gospel Gossip is embarking this week on a West Coast tour—dates are listed below.
They also have a brand new song available for download:


This will be appearing on their forthcoming 4-song EP to be released on November 28th at Sauce in Minneapolis (title forthcoming).


10-1 Fargo, ND – Aquarium w/ Pierced Arrows
10-2 Bozeman, MT – Filling Station
10-4 Seattle, WA – Sunset Tavern
10-5 Portland, OR – Valentine’s
10-6 San Francisco, CA – Kimo’s
10-8 LA – Synchronicity
10-10 Santa Barbara, CA – Biko Garage
10-11 San Diego, CA – The Ruby Room
10-13 El Paso, TX – SoHo Lounge
10-14 Santa Fe, NM – Meow Wolf
10-15 Denver, CO – Lion’s Lair
10-17 Ames, IA – Ames Progressive


10-22 Minneapolis, MN – Hexagon Bar
11-6 Minneapolis, MN – 501 Club
11-28 – Sauce (EP RELEASE SHOW)

Vincent Moon in Minneapolis to screen REM: This Is Not A Show @ The Cedar

Vincent Moon of Paris will stop in Minneapolis on a whirlwind tour of the globe. Most notably, Vincent Moon is the director for many famous Blogotheque “Take Away Shows” sessions with Beirut, Arcade Fire, The National, etc..

Tonight he will be in town to show his new film about R.E.M. This starts soon and tickets will be available at the door. More info below..

This event also celebrates the opening night of SOUND UNSEEN FESTIVAL 2009!

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Sound Unseen presents… Rock 'N Bowl


EVENT: Sound Unseen presents the 4th Annual Rock ‘n Bowl
DATE: Monday, September 28th, 2009
TIME: 7pm-10pm

Monday, September-28-2009
7pm -10pm @ Memory Lanes – all ages are welcome until 10pm.

Sound Unseen Music, Film and Art Festival Presents:

“ROCK AND BOWL” – Come bowl against your favorite local bands at Memory Lanes!

Fans sign up and play four frames against each band. Winning team gets festival passes, free beer, concert tickets, music and more. To sign up (yourself or a team – 4 people per team)

Participating Bands:

Now, Now Every Children
So It Goes
Communist Daughter
Total Babe
Gospel Gossip
Poor Weather Club
Magic Castles
Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles

$10 per person includes bowling and shoe rental.


Dave King w/ Adam Linz & Scott Fultz return to the Clown Lounge

Tonight @ Turf Club’s Jazz Implosion


Trio music featuring Dave King on skins, Adam Linz on the tub, and Scott Fultz on the cane. We’ll be playing some of the old FKG book, minus the G. Also some music by Kenny Loggins, Pat Benatar, and Tears For Fears. Please come out and celebrate these fine composers with us.
21+ $5 10:30PM
Dave King of course of The Bad Plus, Happy Apple, Halloween Alaska, etc..

Sleepy Sun @ The Entry

Riding the San Francisco psychedelic wave (Thee Oh Sees, Girls) Sleepy Sun sounds like a lot of other classic rock, prog and other old-school bands..

For fans of…Beck, Black Angels, Vampire Hands, First Communion Afterparty, Black Mountain

Monday, September 28, 2009
SLEEPY SUN The Entry / 8:00 pm / 18+

$6.00 adv | $6.00 door

l_165199dac70d4fc1a3d3ec1fddd5493fSleepy Sun – Snow Goddess (Daytrotter session) (MP3)

Sleepy Sun – White Dove (MP3)

Sleepy Sun – New Age (MP3)

Sufjan Stevens @ 400 Bar

Tickets for tonight’s show @ The 400 Bar sold out in seconds..
Though you can listen to a few of his new songs he is performing on this tour, and some cuts from the upcoming BQE record..

Read a review of a recent show from Sufjan Stevens in Michicagn from The Citizen Insane

[MP3] There’s Too Much Love (Live) – Sufjan Stevens

[MP3] Impossible Souls (Live) – Sufjan Stevens

[MP3] Age of Adz (Live) – Sufjan Stevens

From The BQE

[MP3] Movement I: In the Countenance of Kings – Sufjan Stevens

[MP3] Movement IV: Traffic Shock – Sufjan Stevens

[MP3] Postlude: Critical Mass – Sufjan Stevens

Birthday Suits on Tour – Stupid Tour Diary

Birthday Suits of Minneapolis/St. Paul are touring this great land. They are writing a pretty great tour diary which will be available here as they go along.. Days 1-3 are below their itinerary.. If you haven’t heard them they are a drums and guitar duo who play real fast and real loud. (Mp3 available below)


Day 1

We were driving on I-39 and just passed Normal/Bloomington, IL where FHtB grow up. We were on the way to St. Louis for our first show of this tour. We decided to stop and get gas just outside of Normal/Bloomington. WGF was driving and somehow he picked this small and old gas station called Fast Stop. I myself like America big truck gas stations such as TA, Flying J, Pilot, and Love. I didn’t know what WGF was thinking. I’m pretty sure he didn’t know what he was thinking either. I told myself, it’s a okay. I should be Go Green, Support Local, Support Independent Stores, and Eat Pigs type a guy.
Their gas pump didn’t have a pay outside credit card thing. Somehow, premium unleaded was cheaper than regular unleaded. I got premium gas and went to inside. They didn’t have much drink selection. I got a cup of coffee who knows how long it has been sitting there. Again, I didn’t have much choice. When I was about to pay, this old lady front of me was buying a lottery ticket. I just remembered that it’s always someone from small towns win. I got one too and started to think about what kind of car I would get if I win.
I’m very responsible guy and went a restroom before we left. It always sucks on the tour when you have 6 hours drive day and someone in a band have to go to pee an hour later stopping a gas station. Their restroom was a really tiny and narrow. They had a sink, pee toilet in middle, then poop toilet on the end. I peed and turned around. I hit my shoulder on a paper towel box. The room was that small. I washed my hand and got paper towel from the box attacked me earlier. They had a trash box right front of poop toilet. It was very classic bathroom and the poop toilet didn’t have a door. I made sure there was no one using it and something caught my eye. It was a big brown poop floating in the toilet water.
Before this incident if someone mentions Normal/Bloomington, I would say that’s where FHtB is from. Now I’d say “Oh the big brown poop.” I thank WGF for picking this gas station.

Day 2

“Hey…. Ummm… Do you mind if we stop at next exit? I really have to pee.” I told WGF it was fine but I wasn’t really fine. We just stopped a gas station about 45 minutes ago. I was thinking how can I kill this guy? Then I saw a sign saying “Stop Killing, My Children, Stop Abortion.” It had Jesus picture in middle. It was WGF’s lucky day. He was saved by Jesus, no killing today. But “My Children”? I wonder how many children he has. He must love making babies.

When we got at the venue in Memphis, we found out Reatards, Cheap Time, and two other bands were playing across the street. When we finished load in, two of the Reatards came in, Ryan and Jay. We’ve known Ryan for while and went to say hi. We introduced and said hi to Jay too. He said “we’ve met before, I think it was in Dallas.” I was a little surprised. He was actually nice to us. I was even more surprised he remembered about Dallas.
About 7 or so years ago, Sweet J.A.P. played w/ Riverboat Gamblers, and Jay’s old band Lost Sounds. I clearly remember this cause Lost Sounds was my top 5 they’re dicks and I don’t wanna play w/ them never again list since then. They were big babies and had really bad rock star attitude. We all played next day in Austin and they were acting like they’ve never met us before. After that I’ve never bought Lost Sounds records.
A few years later, B.S. played with Alicja’s new band River City Tanlines who was also in Lost Sounds. I changed my mind a little. She was really nice and we’ve liked her since. Still I wasn’t for Jay. When Jay Reatards record came out, everyone told me how great it was but I didn’t care. I avoided for a while but I finally got a copy. I didn’t wanna admit but I liked it a lot. Now I’ve met him again and he was really cool guy. I might have to change my opinion about him.

We played w/ Alicja’s other band, Mouth Rocket. They were really good. She told me they don’t play that often. If you have a chance to see them, I highly recommend or get their LP.

Day 3

Today was the first show playing with Peelander-Z. We were planning our own tour then we found out Peelander-Z was touring in the same route at the same time. We decided to meet them in New Orleans and tour together. We’ve played with them many times and we are like a family.

We’ve played in New Orleans once before. The venue was a bit out of the main part of the City. We came here with another Japanese band, Gito Gito Hustler. We stayed at their Japanese friends place and had Japanese meal they made for us.
This time, the venue One Eyed Jacks was in French Quarter. All their employs were super nice and super smiley. It was a bit odd but for sure it was one of the nicest venue stuff we’ve met. They had the happiest sound guy ever too.
For dinner, we had Jambalaya. After loaded in, I walked around a little with Peelander Yellow. I finally got to see the New Orleans you would see on the TV and/or pictures.

Birthday Suits – It’s About Time (mp3 courtesy of weekly mixtape)

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