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Marijuana Deathsquads, St. Villain, Seated Heat, Wizard Baby, Sexy Dirty & a screening of Hey! Bear

tonight @ caverns around eleven pm. come after solid gold/marijuana deathsquad @ the entry or cattywhompus @ the red stag.

cattywompus & jeremy catterton also present a screening of hey! bear around 3AM

marijuana deathsquads (ryan olson (gayngs) & the rest of the pos live band fresh of the plane from coachella. The crew is sure to include a guest from their arsenal of rotating guests including recently: pos, jason power (slapping purses), martin dosh, justin vernon (bon iver), freddy votel (skoal kodiak) & more!
st. villain (joey van phillips (vibraphones) & adam to, dominic hanft, jared isabella)
seated heat (sho of mute era, matthew of birthday suits, andy fritz of tender meat, joe berns of melodious owl)
wizard baby (superfluous glowshoes duo)
sexy dirty

The Rosebuds + Megafaun @ The Turf w/ Video

The Rosebuds played to a small, intimate group of fans at the Turf Club Sunday night. The small crowd size was probably a combination of The Hold Steady playing First Ave and the fact that it was Sunday night in Saint Paul. No matter, The Rosebuds killed it, and the show
they put on would not have been as effective with a larger crowd.

The band started with what could have been an encore. The stage was packed with members of opener Megafaun, as well as Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), who was a member of DeYarmond Edison with them (as well as other bands). The swirling harmonies of opener Blue Bird lifted the room and set high expectations for the night. They were certainly met. The Rosebuds are pure sunny pop, and their live sound translates well, audience members sang and danced like winter wasn’t sinking into their bones on a chilly Sunday night. There was much Justin Vernon-related banter, he was standing front and center for most of the show. The production on their latest album Life Like is phenomenal, surely some of that is to Vernon’s credit. His reworking of “Get Up, Get Out” is hauntingly beautiful, and has surely gained The Rosebuds exposure. No wonder they dedicated a song to him, lit incense for him, repeatedly asked him to sing with them (he did, but only so much as the guy standing next to him). This was a warm and inviting concert, it’s rare to see band and audience connect on such a personal level while still remaining so, well, fun.

The band ended their show in the crowd. Joined by Brad Cook of Megafaun on Banjo, the band left the stage and gathered the crowd in tight around them. They played “Nice Fox,” “Shake Our Tree,” and “Back to Boston.” Though they’re not even halfway through their tour, “back to Boston” was supplanted with “back to Raleigh” at the end of the tune. Hopefully soon it’s back to the Twin Cities opening for Bon Iver. A boy can hope.

Thanks to Sara Montour for the great photos!


Blue Bird
Life Like
Cape Fear
Cemetery Lawn
Hold Hands and Fight
Leaves do Fall
Bow to the Middle (Religion of Politics)
Border Guards
Get Up Get Out
Nice Fox (in crowd, acoustic)
Shake Our Tree (in crowd, acoustic)
Back to Boston (in crowd, acoustic)

Megafaun + Justin Vernon – Ain’ No More Cane

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