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Lookbook/Bight Club/Zoo Animal/Slapping Purses @ First Avenue 6/18/2010

For the first time Lookbook headlined the main room at First Avenue for a great homecoming show after a three week tour. I caught Bight Club and Lookbook but missed Slapping Purses and Zoo Animal as I needed to eat an inside out burger over at First Ave’s new restaurant The Depot. Bight Club is definitely a local act to watch, they’re playing The Hexagon next month as well as some other gigs. The energy Lookbook brought to the stage was the highest I’ve ever seen it, no doubt they were charged up about headlining the main room. See my pics below.

Win Tickets to This Friday's Lookbook Show at First Avenue

Hot off the heels of their west coast tour Lookbook return to Minneapolis to play the main room at First Avenue with support from Slapping Purses, Bight Club, and Zoo Animal. To win a pair of tickets to the show simply leave a comment on this post, and we’ll announce a winner tomorrow. Comments will be closed at noon Wednesday.

Check out More Cowbell’s photo shoot with Lookbook below.

And the winner is Sonia! Congrats.

High Tide @ Kitty Cat Klub

Monday, February 8th
7PM – 12AM
FREE / 21+

Every month we ask local musicians and music nerds alike to come share a specific showcase or category of music. This month we have music from:

Grant Cutler (Lookbook)
Playing music your mother listened to

Ryan Norton (Guystorm)
Playing Psych/Funk/Garage Rock

Moonstoners (Moonstone Continuum)

and your hosts:
Jonathan Ackerman
Playing a bit of everything
Travis Stearns (http://snuzzcontrol.blogspot.com/)
Playing hits from YouTube

Lookbook: Announce East-Coast Tour

Minneapolis’ finest synth-pop duo will take their breathtaking live show to the East Coast and back in February. They are also hitting SXSW in March and have very busy tour plans for April as well. They will be touring to support their debut full-length CD and soon to drop 12″ LP

They will celebrate with a homecoming show on 2.27 at The Cedar Cultural Center with one of Best New Bands; No Bird Sing.

Here is what their first leg of the tour is looking like.

feb 11 2010 8:00p
uw stout menomonie, wisconsin
feb 12 2010 9:30p
uw madison (der rathskeller) madison, wisconsin
feb 13 2010 8:00p
mike n’ mollie’s champaign, illinois
feb 15 2010 8:00p
earth house indianapolis, indiana
feb 16 2010 8:00p
cousin larry’s danbury, connecticut
feb 17 2010 8:00p
tt & the bears cambridge, massachusetts
feb 18 2010 8:00p
the m room philadelphia, pennsylvania
feb 19 2010 8:00p
union hall brooklyn, new york
feb 20 2010 10:00p
pianos new york, new york
feb 22 2010 8:00p
garfield art works pittsburgh, pennsylvania
feb 23 2010 8:00p
the treehouse columbus, ohio
feb 24 2010 8:00p
schubas chicago, illinois
feb 26 2010 8:00p
public space one iowa city, iowa
feb 27 2010 8:00p
the cedar w/ no bird sing minneapolis, minnesota

Interview: Lookbook

Last week I was fortunate enough to sit down with Minneapolis darlings’ Grant Cutler and Maggie Morrison of Lookbook before their gig at Sauce in Minneapolis. We talked process, live show, and Blackberries. Photos & Interview by Chase Turner.

How did Lookbook begin?

M: we started a couple of years ago, fall of 2007.

M: Grant asked me to do some vocal tracks over R&B songs he’d written and I said yes of course, we didn’t release any of those songs. I don’t want to hear ‘em.

G: They’re probably on my hard drive somewhere.

Once you’re huge you can release them.

M: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs just released that sort of album, their last album that they released was the first stuff they did, they just didn’t release it.

How did you start writing together?

G: We’ve always written the same way. It starts, I write a bunch of music, I give it to Maggie, she takes it, and writes words over it.

Do you ever write lyrics or is it just Maggie?

G: I wrote…umm…I wrote all of the songs, every one. I sing them all too.


G: I wrote the verses of Passenger. Maggie writes primarily.


Grant, how do you start your process? Do you use Ableton?

G: I use Abelton Live and I’ve got some synthesizers, a guitar, and a bass. I usually just start with whatever I feel like starting with at that moment. It’s maybe starting with a bass line or a drumbeat. A lot of times I do start with a drum beat, and then I change everything MUCH, over a long period of time.

One track, what’s your turnaround time?

G: It depends. Some songs I write in an hour, sometimes I tweak one song over a long period of time. I throw away a lot of songs. So it differs every time. Scratch that, let’s just say eight hours per song.


So True to Form, how long did that take?

G: That’s a good example. True to Form was three songs before it became one. The Only Ones was always that way, I wrote it in one shot and it was done. The stuff I’m more proud of are the layered songs, I get more out of them. The heavier shit with all the layers is more satisfying, for me anyway.

When you released your EP, I Fear You, My Darkness, that’s got a different vibe to it, it’s more mellow, it’s darker than the new record. Your sound seems to be evolving.

M: We made a conscious decision to have the EP sound like that. The songs fit together much better. True to Form and Over and Over were recorded when we put that EP together. We were going to do a full length with everything but we decided it would be better to isolate that sound on the EP.

G: James Buckley and Adam Hurlburt helped us to decide to make two separate records instead of one.

It works. For the next album is there a new idea, a new type of sound you want to explore?

M: We can’t talk about it.

G: Top secret.


Give me a hint.

M: Grant just gave me the initial new tracks yesterday.

So you’re going to try and move in a new direction?

G: I’m so tired of people talking about us sounding like the 80s.

I won’t ask you about that.

G: Well, it does sound like the 80s, but I don’t want that to be our thing. Our new stuff will sound new.

Where did you first start playing around town?

M: The Uptown Bar. [ed. Note: RIP]

You have this great onstage dynamic, did you cultivate that or was it just a natural, organic thing that showed up when you were playing shows at the Uptown Bar?

M: It was very natural for both of us.

[both pull out Blackberries]

So I see you both have Blackberries.

G: Yeah, we’re working on a sponsorship deal.

M: How many bands do you know where every member has a Blackberry? I actually listen to the tracks Grant sends me when I’m in the car, come up with lyrics and sing them into my Blackberry.

Going back to your recording process versus your live act, you’re queuing up preprogrammed beats and then playing guitar, have you thought about doing some of the electronic stuff live?

G: We want to experiment, maybe try and do more than we have before, but this seems like the best way for us to perform this kind of music live. Many parts of our songs I can’t reproduce live with an instrument necessarily. I would like to incorporate more stuff for Maggie to do in terms of instrumentation, without making it this huge complicated setup.

M: Right now we have a really convenient setup and it’s easy to tour, we can do it in a car.

G: We’re all about efficiency.

There you have it folks. Check out Lookbook at Sauce on NYE.

Lookbook on Myspace.


Lookbook @ The Entry

This has to be easily, the single most photographed scene in Minneapolis but Grant and Maggie make it look better than ever.

Picture 30

Chris Reimenschnieder makes a good point as he essentially says if its 80’s style eclectro, its getting mighty popular. Especially locally with Owl City, Solid Gold and Lookbook sticking ahead as frontrunners.

Get there early. Don’t be surprised when this one sells out.

Radio K presents LOOKBOOK The Entry / 9:00 pm / 18+
$6.00 adv | $6.00 door

Lookbook – Over and Over (Gigamesh Remix) (via abovethefold)

Photos from Lookbook at Sauce, 12.04.09

Lookbook played a high energy show at a packed Sauce Friday night. The venue was at capacity by the time they took the stage. To Kill a Petty Bougeousie and DJ Skull Buster opened. Look for the Lookbook More Cowbell! interview later in the week, and be sure to hit their CD remix release at 7th Street Entry next Saturday.

Yesterday’s Company by Lookbook from Chase Turner on Vimeo.

Lookbook – Passenger from Chase Turner on Vimeo.

What's going on this weekend?

7:30 PM Caroline Smith @ Honey
9:00 PM Canon Chorus, the Golden Bubble and Right from Rona @ 501
9:00 PM Drum N’ Bates (JT & Chris Bates) @ 331 Club
9:30 PM Fuck Knights @ Nomad (Minneseries)
7:00 PM Dan Auerbach + Justin Townes Earle @ First Avenue CANCELLED
9:00 PM Minneapolis Dub Ensemble @ Cafe Maude
9:30 PM Lookbook, To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie, DJ Skullbuster @ Sauce Spirits & Soundbar
9:30 PM Red Pens, Total Babe CD release show, Communist Daughter and Porcupine @ 7th Street Entry
Saturday, December 5, 2009
6:30 PM Doomtree Blowout V @ First Avenue Mainroom
7:30 PM Bill Mike’s Modern Guitar Summit @ The Cedar
9:00 PM Body Language & Zero 7 @ Epic
9:00 PM Gay Witch Abortion, Daughters of the Sun, Buildings and Monica & the Molecules @ Turf Club
9:00 PM Tarlton, Red Pens and Kicks and Spurs @ 501 Club
9:30 PM Phantom Tails @ Sauce
Sunday, December 6, 2009
7:00 PM More Cowbell’s First Sundays w/ Bedroom Magic, Cabo Crowley @ Acadia
9:00 PM Cadillac vs. Cornbread @ Palmer’s Bar